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Eros gives Ares and Aphrodite a lecture about discretion. Same reason people can't consent while drunk. Zeus hosts a video-call with Hades and Persephone along with several Olympians. That's a power imbalance and it's wrong. Thanatos and Thetis arrive at Minthe’s apartment to show her Persephone’s ledger. She reads Zeus’ incident report and recounts her side of the Act of Wrath to Hades. lore olypus webcomic. Lore Olympus Lore Olympus {fanfiction} by 1rita1. He didn't stop. Hecate scolds Hades and reveals Persephone’s age. Thankfully, Apollo has not harassed Daphne in Lore Olympus, but he has raped Persephone. Her favorite hairstyle is having her hair in a pixie cut or rolled into space buns. Share Share Tweet Email. Hera arrives at brunch and chastises Hades and Zeus. See more ideas about Lore olympus, Olympus, Hades and persephone. Poseidon gets the sea. On his drive home, Hades finds Persephone and puts her to sleep in his guest bedroom. The popular webcomic by Rachel Smythe, Lore Olympus, centers around a modernized Hades and Persephone. lore olympus headcanon. In chapter 124 shows Hera's willingness to protect Persephone from Apollo when she realized that Apollo had assaulted Persephone and tried to threaten her when in fact it was Hera disguised as her. Thetis sends a dick pick of Zeus to Hera using a burner phone. ‎A podcast about the web comic Lore Olympus by two people who have no qualifications but a lot of feelings. Shopping in Olympus, Persephone stumbles upon Apollo and Daphne. Persephone opens a birthday card from Demeter with 3,000 drachma. Hades explains he’s having second thoughts about proposing to Minthe. Jul 17, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Anne Schönherr. hera. Persephone gives Hades a pomelia, and he drives her home. Recent Top. 16.8k members in the Lore_Olympus community. Hera talks to Hades when he wakes up and kisses him; Hades takes her home. Trigger warning: This recap and analysis contains discussions of sexual assault and rape. Tori studies with Persephone at her house. Hades and Zeus argue about how to punish Persephone and that Poseidon and he were left out. Not the posture of a fighter getting into battle. Persephone meets Cordon Bleu and asks Hades about his dogs. Episode 102: I love the way you make me feel. Log In Sign Up. Kore argues with Demeter about being treated like a child and her desire to go to school in Olympus. NOTE: This essay contains spoilers for episode 96 of Lore Olympus. Hades and Persephone tour the Underworld. A community to share fanart, cosplays, stories, fan theories and more about the … Press J to jump to the feed. Returning home, Persephone’s physical transformation grows out of control. Discover more posts about lore-olympus-apollo. They head into Hades’ office, deflecting Minthe’s sexual advance. Minthe finds an engagement ring in Hades’ coat. Updated Lore Olympus Timeline. Zeus calls Hades for brunch; Alex takes paparazzi photos. After a conversation with Thetis, Zeus heads to the mortal realm to interrogate Demeter's nymphs about Persephone. Aphrodite complains that people call Psyche, a mortal, more beautiful than her, and sets Eros to make her fall in love with the ugliest creature he can find. lore olympus webtoon. Persephone was born as a result of the coupling of Zeus, the ruler of the Olympian gods, and Zeus’ sister, Demeter, another of the deities of Mount Olympus. Hades meets Persephone in the Mortal Realm. When shades attack, Persephone grows a forest. Based off the overwhelmingly charming and beautiful comic Lore Olympus: A Modern Retelling of the Taking of Persephone. The spotlight character in Lore Olympus is Persephone is the Goddess of Spring and her main love interest of Hades. She packs a bag, determined to take some time to come up with a new plan and checks into a cheap Underworld motel. lore olympus hera. If you can't see how that's rape, I don't think I'm going to change your mind. Hera disguises herself as Persephone and has lunch with Demeter. To then after being denied three times and continue to emotionally manipulate her and even in one scene press down on her asserting his physical strength after already being denied is intimacy clearly against her will. After the Six Traitors win, there’s a division of kingdoms; Hades gets the Underworld. He is extremely arrogant and self-righteous, to the point of narcissism, disregards the feelings and wishes of others, and doesn't really seem to care for no one other than himself. lore olympus persephone. Persephone and Hades discuss friendship/relationship boundaries. Aphrodite bails out Eros and meets Psyche, deciding to disguise her as a purple nymph (Ampelus) to test how much Eros loves her. I’ve always loved Greek mythology, but you don’t need to be a history buff to enjoy this free webcomic. Hades has a dream about having a baby with Persephone. 558. Author Scarlett St. Clair. She never shows up. little-kore16. Let’s say one day your boss touches you inappropriately you can’t go and cuss them out it’s your boss you need this job so you say something like “Oh sorry that makes me feel kinda uncomfortable” they do it again to which you reply “Can you excuse me, I am just not into that” then they do it once more and you say “ I’m sorry but you know I’m in a relationship right?” you are obviously saying stop I don’t want this to happen but in a way that allows you to keep your job. In Greek mythology, Persephone , also called Kore or Kora (/ˈkɔːriː/ KOR-ee; Greek: Κόρη; "the maiden"), is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Persephone cleans up, and Hades gives Persephone a diamond comb, telling her she’s a fertility goddess. Episode 119 was very striking to me, in many different ways. Seriously creeped out by you. Thanatos visits Hermes and asks about Persephone; Hermes warns him to stay out of it. Hermes gives Persephone balloons for her birthday. 454 votes, 11 comments. Posted by 11 months ago. Her way of saying no won’t be as direct as “ no,stop leave me alone” but rather a more polite and just as valid way like “I can’t really do this sort of thing” or “You know I am training to be a sacred virgin” or “That’s not how a virgin of all entirety works”. Witness what the gods do…after dark. When Persephone asks who Minthe is, Hades lies. Persephone returns Apollo’s damaged lyre. Hermes arrives, and Hades stands his ground in protecting Persephone from Zeus’ arrest warrant. 366 note Nov 8th, 2020. lore olympus lo persephone lo theory lo apollo lore olympus theory persephone beat up apollo 2k20 persephone theory maybe it’ll happen maybe it wont i dunno lo aphrodite lo eros yall i am SCARED Im scared Apollo can CHOKE Zeus can also CHOKE Hera rights in this household can persephone get a break?? They agree to an exchange of personal questions. persephone lore olympus. Discover more posts about lore-olympus-apollo. . Lore Olympus has catapulted the story of Hades and Persephone into the internet consciousness. While Lore Olympus is portrayed as a modern-day retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth, it lacks some of the darker elements of the ancient story. Hades takes Alex’s eye with Hecate’s assistance. Artemis looks for Persephone at Eros’ house. Kronos devours Hades and Poseidon. You can't just barge into people's rooms when they're asleep and annoy them into consenting to sex. The fact of the matter is it is exactly what you are trying to deny. Hades rewrites his secret letter to Persephone. The Lore Olympus characterizations of Apollo and Hermes are a literal side-by-side juxtaposition of toxic versus non-toxic masculinity. hades lore olympus. your own Pins on Pinterest See a recent post on Tumblr from @little-kore16 about lore-olympus-apollo. i’m probably late to the party with this one but it’s been on my mind lo headcannon? His intentions were clear since he saw Persephone for the first time and I didn't realize. Artemis breaks into Hades’ house, along with Eros and Ampelus. She was clearly saying no with her body. hera lo. Ares and Persephone reunite. Persephone sets boundaries when Hades walks her home. Apollo is very confident in himself and his abilities. lore olympus … She said, as others have mentioned, she was supposed to be a virgin. See more ideas about lore olympus, olympus, hades and persephone. A halo of flowers will appear when she i… Zeus sets her fields on fire. Jul 16, 2018 - Apollo and Hermès lol Lore Olympus By Rachel Smythe loreolympus persephone hades greekmythology webtoon lore olympus zeus apollo romance hera fanfiction loreolympushades rachelsmythe loreolympuspersephone greek demeter eros poseidon artemis. Persephone researches rental apartments and watches TV in her motel when she sees the news broadcast of her arrest warrant. Episode 88: It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye (Part 2). Persephone and Apollo answered. Hecate “took a couple of months off last year” in the Mortal Realm with Persephone and Demeter. They discuss the kiss and how she liked it. But not everything is perfect yet. Lore Olympus #137 Spoiler ..... Hera being the mom Persephone deserves and Hades being the partner she deserves I’m so happy that she has them and that they are always there to help (and no hades hasn’t found out about What Apollo did, only Hera knows) Artemis searches mortal realm, running into Zeus. webtoon. Hades sees Persephone at the pool; it’s her first official day at work. Episode 82: Say My Name / Episode 103: Meltdown. He recounts his childhood and imprisonment within Kronos. Article by Greenielove04. Feb 17, 2019 - Explore Seth's board "Lore olympus" on Pinterest. The difference between hades and Apollo. Hades reads the letter Hecate gave him and finds out he and Persephone had met before. persephone. Hades watches the Fate’s tape of his first encounter with Persephone. Demeter bribes Hermes to cover up the soul count by fudging the records with Hades. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Lore_Olympus community. persephone lore olympus. People claim that the intimacy Persephone and Apollo share in #24 is rape or coercion. Arrive home, Persephone finds Artemis made her an apology cake. A lot of the times when we see Apollo be a douche it is close to a scene of Hermes being extremely likable. Her face soft, her hands open. Thanatos checks up on Minthe. Ares and Kore meet when he is impaled on a tree. Shopping in Olympus, Persephone stumbles upon Apollo and Daphne. Persephone gets a high grade on the quiz. hades. She again begins to grow uncontrollably and flees the motel, falling asleep in a car junkyard. I’ll probably post theories for Pandora Hearts, Lore Olympus, Tangled the Series, and Castlevania, but I’m in a lot of different fandoms and might throw anything at you! Hades and Thanatos meet about his poor performance. Minthe thinks about losing Hades and arrives at his house. Zeus and Ares fight; Ares accidentally hits Hera. Kore’s name changes to Persephone, “Bringer of Death,” in her letter to Artemis. Which it is. We aren’t responsible for changing your mind, but just because you think it isn’t a case of sexual assault doesn’t magically make it not one. Hades asks the Fates for the memory of his first meeting with Persephone. Persephone's Reputation Apollo's Assault Persephone & Hades Persephone is a fertility goddess + Plot Threads. That is by definition, coercion. lore olympus persephone loreolympus lore olympus apollo behind the scenes bloopers doriadis mystuff lore olympus Greek Mythology greek gods. lore olympus parallels. Greek Mythology Gods Greek Gods And Goddesses Greek Goddess Art Greek Memes Percy Jackson Memes Lore Olympus Hades And Persephone Rick Riordan Books Underworld. … They discuss spring, and Hades reveals some of his history. The popular webcomic by Rachel Smythe, Lore Olympus, centers around a modernized Hades and Persephone.Between the Mortal Realm, the Underworld, and Olympus, Lore Olympus has built a world reminiscent of Greek Mythology in that it ties together key plot points and characters from ancient stories. Persephone wakes up and chats with Eros. lore olympus webtoon. She is the daughter of Demeter, Goddess of the Hunt. While in mythology, she's the quintessential Olympian Nice Girl, her depiction in Lore Olympus comes across as more than a little Holier Than Thou. When Persephone sees him with her friend, she threatens to tell Daphne the truth, and if she does, this could be what causes Daphne to reject Apollo in the future if Smythe decides to pull more inspiration from the original myth. By Caroline Moll Nov 16, 2020. Psyche’s sisters visit; Psyche tries to kill Eros. Eros finds out what happened between Persephone and Apollo. Hera helps 19-year old Hades with his wounds. Minthe gives Persephone wrong directions to Tower 4/Tartarus. She sees the dick pick Thetis sent. 48 min; NOV 23, 2020; 44: The Ideal Sugar Daddy Scenario 44: The Ideal Sugar Daddy Scenario. usedbandaid. Minthe and Hades hook up in the elevator. You can’t work any other place and both you and your boss know this. With bandaged hands, Thanatos drags Minthe away from Persephone, whispering in her ear. hades lo. lore olympus. lore olypus webcomic. Readers tune into Lore Olympus weekly because of the beautiful visuals, the gripping arcs, and because Smythe has her finger on the pulse of what it means to be in love in 2020: wanting something you don't think you can or deserve to have. Persephone threatens to tell Demeter and Artemis what he did if he doesn’t leave Daphne alone. 4) Persephone might be going to Hephaestus to make a badass super-scythe weapon to … hades and persephone. #lore olympus #lore olympus persephone #lore olympus apollo. So lately I have been obsessed with Lore Olympus. Hermes and Persephone fly to work together. Lore Olympus #137 Spoiler Hera being the mom Persephone deserves and Hades being the partner she deserves I’m so happy that she has them and that they are always there to help (and no hades hasn’t found out about What Apollo did, only Hera knows) That storyline could serve as a cautionary tale to Persephone, who fears being married to Apollo against her will. She has a wonderfully unique comic style and is a masterful storyteller, which makes this a highly bingeworthy series.
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