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They are 10 months old. Nigerian Dwarf goats are enjoying a rise in popularity due to their small size and colorful markings. Only set out tiny amounts of baking soda and minerals at a time, because goats will refuse to eat it once they consider it dirty. C $9.56. A shelter that is 4 by 5 feet (1.2 by 1.5 m) is enough for 2 goats. Kidding Schedule 2021 . Common advise to new goat owners is to get yourself a goat mentor. (Another tip, make shelves and surfaces slightly slanted so the pellets just roll right off)! I have a question..We just purchased two 3 month old nigerian dwarfs and the silly things refuse to climb on the toys we gave them!..They didn’t have any toys where we got them from, but don’t all goat love to climb? I have two Nigerian dwarf goats; a buck and a doe. What is the average cost of a Nigerian kid? My w From United States. #veterinarymedicinestudents #veterinarymedicinestudent #veterinarymedicine #adga #goat #goats #nigerian … After 8 weeks all bucks will be wethered (neutered) and will sell for $150. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. and finally save money and grow delicious vegetables! First time goat owner here, I rescued two Nigerian dwarfs and both are “possibly pregnant” according to the woman who had them. Pat, Many plants that are poisonous for humans are also for goats. I suggest finding someone with experience with both goats and sheep. All I’m reading says I should separate him from the does which I am planning to do soon. As I was reading Holistic Goat Care I was super duper excited when I read a section about leading goats by the collar, only to have them collapse onto the ground. Pygmy goats do have accents in black on their legs, face, and down their back. We have been keeping the 2 adult goats separated for 2 days to give the new mom time to bond with her baby. We raise Nigerian Dwarf goats for sale. Subscribe for our newsletter and get the free email course Intro To Backyard Chickens as well as a free printable checklist to walk you through step by step! Wethered goats are fine. They may be looking around, or goats with horns scratch their back that way. Goats are herd animals and they need to be with another goat. It is factual and will help me to make an informed decision. One of the doelings is solid white like Mom and the other baby goat girl is a redish brown color. I hope you’ll stick around for advice and inspiration on how to live more fully on less. Goats are aloof and independent like cats, but in terms of care they need at least as much time as a dog. I put them up on them and they just jump down and walk away! Do not give imodium! When cared for properly, the Nigerian Dwarf goat can have a lifespan of between 12 and 14 years. I want a mini goat for a pet, not farming purposes. I JUST GOT 5 DWAFT GOATS,FISRT TIME OWNER,ONE OF THEM IS HAVING DIARRHE,HOW CAN I FIX THE PROLBEM, Keep her hydrated for now. Any ideas? Baby Nigerian dwarf buck with beautiful markings and blue eyes. If you breed two from the same father it will accentuate any positive or negative attributes passed on from the father. It is a very serious condition that should be addressed immediately and, © Copyright 2020 Nigerian Dwarf Goats World. She is 3/4 Nigerian Dwarf and 1/4 Nubian with a splash of Bhore. Are there any plants goats shouldn’t be around/eat? Goats are herd animals so if you get one it will be very, very sad. If a brother and sister breed before they are separated (weaned) should the pregnancy be terminated?? The saying goes that if a cat can get through your fence, so can your goat. Contact us by text message at . You will need access to a buck to breed your females to get milk. Most are castrated between 4 and 12 weeks old. But you can use a goat’s horrid distaste of getting wet to do some training. maybe this is a dumb question… if i get a nigerian doe and dont breed her, will she produce milk? Getting Nigerian Dwarf Goats for the first time can seem overwhelming. Biggie! Can a dog act as a substitute for companionship if you bought a single coat? The height needs to be tall enough for you to be able to clean it out, as these goats rarely get above 2 feet (0.61 m). We sell Nigerian Dwarf goats with ADGA papers and a few without. Luckily, goats recover quickly once you remove pressure on the collar and wait a few minutes. They are a dairy breed, but if you don’t want to milk them don’t breed them or dry them off after they give birth. I will try the spray bottle trick, but any other suggestions? There are a few brands that make it available but I prefer the Bar Vac brand. Send us your name, contact information, and specifically what you are looking for. Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat - 4x6 Art Print - Wall Décor - Signed by Artist KSams. Pets Pets Pets. I have never had goats before and I want them this spring 2019. The following is a quick and easy reference based on the average Nigerian Dwarf baby goat. This last tip is so simple, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. Goats can be fine with a well trained livestock guardian dog. However, goats will overeat on grain, so make sure to not overfeed them! Nigerian Dwarf Goat Baby Care. The origin of the Pygmy goat is believed to be the Cameroon Valley in Africa. They are 2-3 weeks old will need a bottle for about 3 more weeks, (feeding is not difficult as they are already used to this) and are accepting hay and feed as well as water. The vaccine to use is called CD-T. Then once you get started with them, and kind of get a groove going with their basic care and it’s not so bad at all. I didn’t realize this until my Nigerian Dwarf goats already had some bad habits (like rushing out the gate when I opened it). I’m 1st time goat owner and all 4 does are pregnant for the first time. They have quick 24-hour results for all of the samples sent in along with great customer service. We are very proud of the daily handling and care given to … Unless your goats are pregnant or in milk, they do not need grain as food. As for the hunger, have you dewormed lately? What kind of housing do they need? I’ve gotten most of my Fencing complete, making toys now and getting everything in order. The last bottle I bought was $60 for a 200ml bottle. Come get your snuggle on with baby goats! However, there are some little tips and tricks that new goat owners don’t always think about. She will be kidding soon we are hoping for a doe if not we plan on purchasing a doeling. The dose for Valbazen is 1cc per 10lbs of weight. I am afraid to miss the births and lose the babies to possible complications. . We are accepting reservations on kids. Here is some more information about keeping goats in cold weather: They can be quite rough with each other, but I haven’t had a herd of mixed sizes. If they are pregnant, you will most likely be able to feel the babies moving as they get closer to the end of the pregnancy, which may give you some idea of when it’s getting close. we have available all the hay they want and grain 1 time a day. The goats will bond with their baby right after birth. This is a white liquid that is given orally and dosed at 1cc per 5lbs of weight. I’m hoping one of the kids will be a buckling we can castrate for him to have a buddy. I am considering of getting two Nigerian Dwarf goats. Can anyone help me out? That is normal. If this has ever happened to you it’s totally scary! You need to want at least 2 goats. All of a sudden all 5 act like they are starving to death lol. Join the free email course and learn how to start gardening (even if you have a black thumb!) Properly feeding Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats is a major factor in successfully keeping them. Gianaclis Caldwell recommends always having wire cutters handy for those sort of urgent situations. They are great for showing or as pets. It really depends on how well your dog does around prey animals. Many issues that come up, Facebook0Tweet0Pin0 Feeding Nigerian dwarf goats a proper diet that is nutritionally-balanced is the best thing you can do to keep your herd healthy. However, if that does happen it’s called inbreeding. You want to get fecal test results before using any coccidia treatment. The only other vaccine I give is a pneumonia vaccine. Kidding is over for the year and we have no goats available. Because I am in a wet area, my goats needed quite a bit of bedding and indoor space to get out of the rain. The Nigerian Dwarf goat is a miniature goat of West African origin. Nigerian goats can even have blue eyes, with a “splashy” tri-colored coat. May 10, 2014 - Explore Terry Yuke's board "Animal - Goats - Nigerian Dwarf" on Pinterest. She has been handled since birth and loves to be around people. They are herd animals thru & thru. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a4b1a5f172d0ca39e498c20b72f31c4d" );document.getElementById("cf0815c300").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Here on Farming My Backyard you can expect advice on simple living, urban homesteading, and living a more eco-friendly life. I really want a goat for my birthday I have wanted a goat for a long time but I haven’t One yet and I am very disappointed I really really want A goat and I have decided I want a dwarf goat. Facebook0Tweet0Pin0 Our goats are fragile creatures and we constantly have to be observant of our herds to identify problems early. There was an error submitting your subscription. Both you and the baby goat will soon tire if you are its only friend. Do Nigerian Dwarf goats have to be milked? Furthermore, the treatment is for 5 consecutive days. It is inevitable that your Nigerian dwarf goat babies will become exposed to coccidia. View this post on Instagram. I recommend a product called Toltrazuril. Thank you for all the great information. Sign up for the Backyard Orchards email course today! 7AM - 11AM - 3PM - 7PM . Doe and buck kids, baby goats for sale every year. Week 1 - 5x a day. When you are ready to add a Pygmy Nigerian Dwarf goat to your family, call Nanny’s Mini Goats at 254-709-0568 or email — you’ll be glad you did. From United States. I know my girls would have LOVED that. We also make and sell PREMIUM quality Goat … The pregnant goat is now becoming very resistant to being put in her pasture area, and we heard that you should never force them, but treats and food aren’t working and we ended up having to harness her and pull her in. Most of our goats come from great bloodlines. How do i make sure she is happy w/o another goat? What is the Vaccination process for Nigerian Dwarfs, i can not find a website to tell me when to do what and what to do, Here’s a schedule for you:, Hi,
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