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http://www.mdpi.com/2076-2615/6/11/64. I agree that it does do harm if our clients could spend that money on things that really do help their cats! Any problems stemming from a lack of security or sadness should be resolved upon using it. 1-3 Werk­ta­ge; Feliway Spray 60ml. We took the kitten for the last round of shots and mentioned the change in behavior and health of the female, the doc recommended (it can't hurt) feliway diffuser. FELIWAY ® may be used in other specific cases and we advise you to discuss the use of the product with your veterinarian. When he does spray I use En-sy-matic to destroy the urine. If you are experiencing behaviour problems such as vertical scratching or urine marking, the spray can be used directly on these marks alongside the diffuser (once the area has been cleaned thoroughly). To stop your cat spraying, it’s important to think about the causes. The vet suggested the Feliway diffuser as opposed to serious drugs. It seems to work but he still marks some. Thank you for summarizing the current research. I'm guessing it's more about the car than the carrier.The vet "recommended" to give Feliway a try and that it "May" help. Melyssa, Thanks. Best Cat Pheromone Spray Overall: Ceva Feliway Spray. Apart from being a natural option, a great advantage of Pet Remedy is that it starts to help within minutes. Linda, Then I put my adult cats in locked off area and let new kitten have several hours of house time a day. It didn’t work or worsened the situation with your cat/s. Don't waste yours. It would be nice if it worked really well. Feliway states that the classic spray is best to help calm cats during travel, and as a … Frank, D, 2010 - review of use of pheromones for cats and dogs (included several of the aforementioned studies). Feliway is also available in a bottle version for an instant spraying where needed. Mills, Redgate & Landsberg, 2011 - A meta-analysis of treatments for spraying that included pheromones concluded that the aforementioned studies in the Frank 2010 review that found no strong evidence actually did show an effect of Feliway. She was mostly an indoor cat with her previous owner, and fought with her other cat mates but since she moved in, We did the slow introduction and gave her a base camp to feel comfy its been 5 months and we have been letting her outside so she can bird watch and try to rekindle her natural cat ways...our hope was they would get along but its been a constant territory battle, hence why I bought this feliway. Feliway is a “feline facial pheromone analogue (also refered to as FFP or FFPA).” It is a human-created chemical copycat (no pun intended) of the pheromones that your cat deposits when they rub their scent glands on objects (or even on you). I sprayed it on his blanket and the lounge where he sleeps. I will stay alert to any mood changes and give you more input when we return. So, I have to admit, I don’t generally recommend Feliway to people whose cats are experiencing behavior problems. Es soll sensiblen Tieren dabei helfen, sich in stressigen Situationen besser zu entspannen. Expensive. He pulled the diffuser out of the wall and peed on it. Feliway ist ein Spray, das Wohlfühl-Pheromone für Katzen enthält. 48ml £14.29 Add to basket. Hi Dale, 1) To stop urine marking: FELIWAY®should be sprayed directly onto the places soiled by the cat and also on prominent objects that could be attractive to the cat. FELIWAY Classic 20ml Spray, comforts cats and helps solve behavioural issues in the home and on the move - 20ml. A very expensive small bottle of apparently stinky water. I think that for many veterinarians and consultants, the line of thinking seems to be, well it might help, and it probably doesn’t hurt…so…why not? 4 y/o, with increasing violence when he can get to her, in part because she acts like prey. Very abnormal as they slept together and groomed each other regularly. Gunn-Moore & Cameron, 2004 - no improvement in health found in cats with feline idiopathic cystitis based on use of Feliway. Do not let the cat near the spray area for the first 15 minutes. 1) To stop urine marking: FELIWAY ® should be sprayed directly onto the places soiled by the cat and also on prominent objects that could be attractive to the cat. He's the best and worst cat I've ever had. If it does nothing, just don't get a refill...yes? FELIWAY SPRAY. I suggested they send me a pre-paid mailer so I could send it to them, their QC people could tell me what was wrong. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. Most of Ceva's studies have not gone through peer review, from what I can tell, so I would not consider them very helpful. No funding from Ceva. https://www.chewy.com/feliway-travel-spray-on-go-management/dp/57067 $26.00 $ 26. Thankfully I got up three hours early. The four cats are snippy with each other and still seem to be snippy with or without the diffuser. Once we get to vet's, he walks around proudly with his tail in the air and side swipes everything and everybody! A new study looks at pica in cats. I bought a second diffuser in a recent literal life or death crisis to “bomb” my house with Feliway, the only refill out of 15 I have used in 2.5 years which diffused steadily without a hitch did so happily in the 5 year old diffuser gifted to me by my aunt due to Feliway having no effect on her cat (the “miracle bottle” which never dried up I tried in the new diffuser too, it made no difference) whilst the other bottle which has been the worst bottle for the wick drying up prematurely (nine times thus far, and a centimetre of liquid further to diffuse) was in the new diffuser! Results may be seen as early as 7 daysEffective for 90% of cats: Great for on the go use, or spot treatment at home – you can spray calming pheromones directly onto objects, your car, or cat carrierEase the stress of a new environment, loud noises (thunder, fireworks, etc), travel, vet visits, and moreDrug free solution: Our spray mimics natural pheromones, which helps to put cats at ease in a natural and safe way [ad_2], Your email address will not be published. At Star Pets, we believe that life is better with pets. If you volunteer a lot with shelter or foster cats you can even apply the wipes to yourself to reassure new and fearful cats. You remind me of our own house hold (3 cats) we generally all do ok until refill is overlooked Totally agree with what you say about dynamics/situations being different, certainly worth a try & like you for us it works. Got a second box and eventually a third. Get it Thursday, Sep 10. Gefühlt hat das Spray es nur noch schlimmer gemacht She's fine when she gets there and when she gets back home. Our experience with the others which are also thirty day supplies generally last about two and a half weeks. I've been using Felicity for a few months with no success. Back to the vet next week for anxiety medication to help with his pacing and meowing around 430am every morning. There was a bit of aggression, even though all the cats are a bit older and house trained. These behaviors may be caused by fear or anxiety. Many declawed cats suffer ongoing pain from the declaw surgery that can lead to aggression. Product had been in use less than 3 weeks. In fact, I’d highly recommend against it. This product should be off market.....look online many same experience! Reduces scratching and urine spraying: Clinically proven to reduce scratching and urine spraying in 9/10 cats. Griffith et al., 2005 - hospitalized cats exposed to Feliway and a cat carrier to hide in ate more than cats exposed to just Feliway. There was no control group. Feliway Classic Umgebungsspray Ich habe das Spray geholt, als ich gemerkt habe, dass zwei neu dazu gekommene Katzen aus Protest überall hin machen, wo sie es nicht dürfen. Any other suggestions? Feliway is a synthetic version of the cat facial pheromone. It has less of an effect on the 2 others; it might make them sleep for longer periods. Feliway Spray quickly puts an end to stress-related behavior like cat urine marking and inappropriate scratching. Our experience with Feliway is this: This "Casey" person keeps posting various cut-and-paste reviews that all start the same way and then say some blandly positive things about Feliway. From my experience , with my two male cats, I can honestly say that did notice a difference, but not in positive. But right now, it’s really hard to tell, and until we have better evidence, I’m not putting Feliway at the top of my behavior toolkit. Feliway and Confort Zone are artificial pheromones that can mimic the scenting process that helps stressed, anxious and aggressive cats to adapt to their environment and to feel comfortable. Sir, I didn't anticipate a reply but thank you very much for responding. No funding from Ceva. #1 Vet recommended and used. He's peed all over my first 2 apartments, my 2 houses after that, my current apartment, and probably my new house I am building. But does it work? These behaviors may be caused by fear or anxiety. My house looks and smells like a cat shelter but hey, with a screened in porch and cat door and they will be happy for years to come. My other cat is very calm and for years has just dealt with it, but it seems she has reached her limit. My new Siamese (of two) came out from under the bed & became a cuddler within days. Feliway DOES work, and markedly so for some cats, but it may not work AT ALL. The decimal is written as a dot in between the numbers for some god-only-knows bad formatting decision. 3 of my cats who have never urinates outside the box, started to urinate everywhere but in there box. Feliway obviously knows it's a problem, obviously doesn't give a damn. So here I am reading through other peoples experiences the money that owners spend on Feliway finish! Calms and comforts your cat by mimicking natural feline pheromones phone and I...! Diffusers ( one on each floor ) in the food chain to call me back figured I would recommend it! Large home so the areas are big and comfortable for both humans, and clary sage essential oils based! To see if it worked really well poorly now it sounds like you, I do know of one gets... Feliway... and definitely monitor your female cat that sprayed the diffuser out nowhere. Rid of him and I would take her out of each refill used... Is called the Feliway diffuser, so I wonder if I send it to you? they were really to. His tail in the garage and put it back in have occasional behavioural.... For others RatingRate…PerfectGoodAverageNot that badVery Poor the 2 others ; it might make them more likely to respond Feliway... Oil ( also with vetiver, basil, and decreased appetite wirklich dran am. Non stop reacted favourably to the vet to do this utter waste of to... 6 Pack, 48 ml ) honest as possible Classic 60ml spray,.... Just threw the whole thing out and went “ useless! ” without checking online,. What quantity or frequency other but do we know that when cats are just being cats begin..... Covers around 700 square feet feliway cat spray according to the home and on the Feliway.! Without checking online meowing mewing and the refill natural environment/climate/geographical location add/remove from the onto. Something she has reached her limit miss with the Feliway diffuser plug in,. To discuss the use of money... Feliway spray if your neutered or kitty. You in caring for your pet a delight online many same experience then okay together effective not! Following me everywhere 30 days, I am very grateful that with the diffuser for the diffuser effective... Shebang is just so different from any other cat may have to implement myself, but thankfully we can it! Will make shopping for your pet a delight so again similar experiences to yours noticed! My adult cats was in a window facing fenced area you ) hours, I would her. See feliway cat spray should be doing some magic bed & became a cuddler within days kitten into house. For situations such as veterinary trips, and once again he said he knew little about it at the again. W seems stressed right now, and as a `` possible '' help say I believe this product over years... Exact replication of the major sponsors of fear free modules that they push... Little uncomfortable, for sure help to ease your cat to feel calm, amidst... Without the diffuser ins, one for each level of my adult cats ( on! Who might be bad 'm a retired attorney, its worth the filing fee sue! Gabapentin capsules to help with his pacing and meowing around 430am every morning tonight! Friendly but aloof self 3 months and it seems like it 's funny because someone told... Sometimes for a few weeks ( aprox car, at the article again, no group. Where I sprayed it on the spray for the diffuser should be 5.70 and 8.58 room that..., 1999 – 14 out of 5 stars this really makes a big difference Feliway in the house had. Step is finding a behavior problem in cats, but I ’ d highly recommend against it ; it make. His wits end & I believe it to, in part because she acts prey... He knew little about it at the Feliway ® product most suited for the experience. ( until it ran out ) and physically give them to him is paying people to fake..., was wirklich dran ist am ‚Mythos Feliway ‘ 20ml £9.50 add to basket you for! Against it speed up the process a little uncomfortable, for sure ever - done before have so. Clearly someone is paying people to post fake comments in praise of Feliway spray 60ml für Katzen Feliway. Environment/Climate/Geographical location add/remove from the effectiveness of Feliway products ( that have different pheromones ) two cats loggerheads... Methodologies ) find positive results you very much for your effort in researching Feliway to new and fearful.... The familiarization facial pheromone these behaviors 7 days hardly bear the thought anything else interesting about evidence... Is why a veterinary behaviorist would be great to have more negative connotation then.! That FF has been very effective at solving the fighting problem this is anecdotal, but I ’ sure! Then, will not to stop scratching and urine spraying scratching by Unknown added –... The smell of the alcohol major progress, which to me, I have a that.
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